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Bridging tokens on Avocado
Bridging tokens on Avocado
Written by Priyanshu Tanwar
Updated over a week ago

One of the handiest features Avocado presents is the ability to bridge tokens from one supported chain to the other, within a few clicks without leaving the Avocado interface!

Bridging tokens essentially means that you are shifting your tokens from one chain to another.

Here's how to bridge tokens on Avocado:

  • Locate the token you want to bridge to another chain.

  • Click on the bridge button next to the send button.

  • Enter the amount you want to bridge, & the destination chain of your choice.

  • Make sure you have some amount of native token of the source chain available as bridge requires some amount of the source chain's native token as gas fees. For eg, bridging tokens from Polygon to Arbitrum requires a small amount of Matic token.

  • After reviewing everything, click on bridge.

Once you see the transaction confirmed message, it may take anywhere between 10-30 minutes for your funds to reflect in your wallet.
Watch the video tutorial below to understand the process better:

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