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Using TrustWallet (Android) to use Avocado
Using TrustWallet (Android) to use Avocado
Written by Priyanshu Tanwar
Updated over a week ago

Trust wallet has recently started supporting custom networks on its Android application. This means Avocado can be connected to trust wallet on Android!
Here are the steps:

Add Avocado Network to Trust wallet

  • Install Trust Wallet on your Android Phone & create/import your account by following the instructions.

  • Open your app and click on settings in the top-right corner.

  • Click on the '+' symbol in the top right corner.

  • Open the networks tab.

  • Enter the correct RPC details for Avocado from here & save!

Connect your Trust wallet to Avocado

Once you have added Avocado custom network in trust wallet,

  • Open Avocado & click on the 'Connect' symbol on the top right corner.

  • Click on Walletconnect - this will open a QR code. Stay on this screen.

  • Open your Trust wallet android app & head to settings in the bottom left.

  • Click on scan QR code.

  • Scan the WalletConnect QR Code displayed in the previous step.

  • Once you have scanned it, you will be shown the following screen:

  • Click on the > arrow next to your address, this will open a list of networks.

  • Select Avocado on this screen.

  • Click connect - this will connect your Trust wallet to Avocado.

  • You are now ready to perform transactions.

Perform a swap on Uniswap

Now that we have our trust wallet setup ready, let's take this for a ride!

  • Go to Uniswap.

  • Choose your preferred network in the top right corner.

  • Click 'Connect', & choose WalletConnect.

  • Copy the WalletConnect code to your clipboard.

  • Open Avocado interface & click on 'Connect Dapps option'

  • Paste your copied code here & select your preferred network.

  • Click on Approve.

We have now connected Uniswap to Avocado.

Go to Uniswap, select your preferred token to swap, & click on swap.

  • You will get a signature request on Trust wallet on your app like this:

  • Sign this request and the swap will be executed!

  • Your Avocado wallet balance will be updated in a few seconds.

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