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How to use Avocado for Instadapp Users
How to use Avocado for Instadapp Users
Written by Priyanshu Tanwar
Updated over a week ago

Avocado Wallet is the next-gen of Account Abstraction. It's designed to exponentially increase security, simplicity & utility. Just like current DSAs, Avocado is fully non-custodial. Learn more about it here. Read the full announcement here.

Avocado can now be connected to Instadapp directly and will not need a DSA. This integration comes with many benefits, which a normal DSA Account may not provide.

Although you can choose to make a DSA Account on top of Avocado, which will make your Avocado address the owner of that DSA.

Note: DSAs will work as usual and will get all the new protocols integrations. Users willing to use DSA can keep on using it as usual.

Features that Avocado provides that DSA does not:

  1. Better User Experience: Use any external dapps (meaning users can manage their Aave position from Instadapp & from Aave's official UI).

  2. No Flashloan fee: Avocado wallet will not have flashloan fees. Users can use all the current Instadapp strategies free of cost.

  3. Network aggregation: Use multiple chains seamlessly.

  4. Gas abstraction: Pay with USDC on all chains.

  5. Unified Address: Avocado wallet has the same address on all chains, allowing users to have an EOA-like experience.

Coming soon on Avocado:

  1. 2FA Security: Making it the most secure account for individuals to store their assets.

  2. Guardians: Easy recovery in case your private key gets lost.

How can you get started on Instadapp Dashboard with Avocado?

To learn how to create an account and get started with Avocado, use this guide. Once you have created an Avocado account, you can use the onboarding functionality to import your tokens from your EOA (Externally Owned Address - Metamask, Coinbase wallet, Trust Wallet etc) to your Avocado account.

Once your account is set up, you can now use your Avocado account as a DSA on Instadapp Dashboard. This means you don't have to create a DSA account. You can directly connect Instadapp to Avocado using WalletConnect and you're good to go!

Video tutorial:

Understand how Avocado works behind the scenes from here.

Number of owners on your Avocado wallet:

Avocado wallet can only have a single owner, unlike DSAs where you can add multiple. This is because the Avocado wallet address is derived from the user's EOA address. This means there can only be one Avocado account per EOA. We plan to introduce the ability to add multiple owners to your Avocado wallet soon.

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