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Sending and Receiving funds on Avocado
Sending and Receiving funds on Avocado
Written by Priyanshu Tanwar
Updated over a week ago

Send funds:

  • Open the Avocado interface.

  • Look for the token that you want to send in the 'Balances' section. For this example, we will send USDC to another address on the Optimism chain.

  • Click on the 'Send' button next to the token to be sent.

  • Enter the amount to be sent and the address you want to send tokens to.

    • Make sure the address exists on that particular chain, or else you might lose your funds.

  • Once the details are confirmed, click send.

  • You will now get a signature request on your Metamask/Coinbase etc. Approve this request.

  • Your funds will be transferred soon depending on the network speed.

Watch the video below to understand the process better:

Receive Funds:

Funds can be sent to your Avocado Wallet from any wallet & any of the supported chains.

Use your Avocado Wallet address/QR Code to receive funds.

Need more help depositing funds to Avocado? read this guide.

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