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How to make cross-chain transactions?
How to make cross-chain transactions?
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To make cross-chain transactions on Avocado means having tokens on one network and transferring them to another network without having native gas for either of the networks. Let's get into it.

What you need:

How to:

  • Click on the Send button on the preferred token on your dashboard.

  • Check the circle on "I want to transfer cross-chain" in the modal.

  • Enter the amount, choose a network, and add the address.

  • Confirm sending to respective chains.

  • And Send! Voila!

Here's a loom for visual explanation:

Timing and Status:

  • Since this is a cross-chain transfer, it takes time to process. Approximately an hour or so, or less on a good day.

  • Check the status of your transaction on the history page from your dashboard.

If you have any other questions, email us or discord us!

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